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The Opening Line

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'Normal' Food

Allow me to introduce you to some of the most exquisite finery my country has to offer! Presenting, the loving lump of chicken thigh, very graciously served with its slickly skin, and topped on a mound of rice gently caressed in chicken fat. Then, there’s the mess of flat rice noodles bathed in pork fat, and tossed with painful bits of pork lard. Next comes the thin and crusty swell of dough, drenched in a shocking amount of palm oil, and finally, the hallmark of this country – a whole crab, shell and pincers intact, resting luxuriantly on a bubble bath of sweet, spicy chili, fit for a king! – psst… especially if that king has a particular interest in gnawing and ripping apart decapitated heads.

What is 'normal' food? Allow Spencer to take you through some of the idiosyncracies of his people, in a most flagrant, tongue-in-cheek manner. As with many psychological observations, does a country's food say something about the behavior of its people?