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No, it was not my fault. You see, it all began with a story. But it seems rather silly now, really. David was being his usual self, tidying the single crease on his shirt and assiduously folding his coat flaps so they tucked squarely in his coat pockets. My, he is such an interesting person. An extraordinary personality, rather. The village people always took care to gaze at him as he went by, goggling and gaping at his assured sense of gallantry, and whispering incoherent notes of such marked splendor you could imagine a moon gliding through the air leaving trails of whispery vapors, enrapturing all in a glacier of time. Sometimes the men even paused to kiss his feet, remarking his tremendous glory of valiancy, while the women laughed and swooned to the chimerical tunes emanating from his unearthly presence. He was valiant indeed, like the time he slapped Lady Freda for insulting the miller’s daughter, and the time he dumped pimp Ashgate in a butt of icy muck for dishonoring her wanton virginhood, or the time he graciously bowed down to the wean and weary village squire after she fell flat on a mudbed, proclaiming her not-so-corporeal aristocracy while covering her damp and frigid path with a coat, or rather, somebody else’s coat. With him, chivalry isn’t dead! 

The Opening Line

A Tale of Two Writers

What is the ordinary and the extraodinary? Join David and Friedrich as they search for that all elusive object of adoration - a loaf of bread! Story includes a discussion of the realities extant in the Three Little Pigs, a refutation of the Pythagorean Theorem, and a 'tribute' to Dem Andenken Petőfis.