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I was born into an eclectic family of two bears – a prancing grizzly and a timorous furball, a princely frog, a pompous hippo, among fifty other animals of the wildest varieties. There is a female cat-bear who does karate, a panda with the title ‘Professional Consumer’, a waltzing flamingo, and a friendly lion. Growing up with two sisters meant endless plays of garrulous storytelling, and we would come up with such absurd characters and unthinkable scenarios involving Dr. B. Whittington’s (the grizzly) manipulation of the global economy and the laws of physics.

With such a farcical menagerie, it was only natural that I became an experimental author. I enjoy toying with all forms of stylistics, and if you tell me to conform to a rule without good reason, I will blatantly flaunt it back and grind such nonsensical balderdash back to their superficial constituents. Perhaps the only thing weirder than my thoughts is the way I collect them – acting all strange like a neurotic passive-aggressive miscreant shadowing you and noting all your odd eccentricities. If that happens to you on the streets, do not be alarmed. Just get me a tea and I will show you the ways of a tea connoisseur. Heard of wine-matching? How about tea-matching? Hear my salivatory orgasms as I swoon over my 29 tea-blends – one for each book.

Not the sort to enjoy going raging mad over finding that perfect word alone, I cordially invite you to come join me, and we could delight over all things great and small, or challenge each other in a duel of Austen repartee. Feel free to leave a message, or add me on Facebook – that is, if you want to be stalked and made a caricature in my Lifebook of rather, private observations.

                                                                                                                             ~ A Literary Astrovoyeur