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Jaekelopterus Monstrous Sea Scorpion
Fossilized Remnant

A chain of mass extinctions reveal the grand pattern of foolishness in the dictums of all beings. Who are we and when will our time come?

The mighty sea scorpion stands,

in front of the wide-eyed boy,

presenting a shadow of its full self

under the spotlight highlighting its

two teasing death-clamps.

The Opening Verse

This title is under the Peabody Collection


She demands worship, and no meal for

she cannot ascertain the taste of a

young strange creature she has never before seen

in her pathetic days living in the savage era of

brute force and heavy labor in having to

hunt for a meal.


She was huge, over eight feet long

but not long enough to understand the mechanics

of iambic pentameter and stanzas for

she could not count beyond her forelimbs.

My, she was great, they supposed, for she

ate and scared the waters away in those

shallow pools. But really, no greater stupidity was ever

seen in that abject laziness of crawling up the surface

that a whole generation vanished when the tides sunk.


So the skeletal plate that stays as some vanquished reminder

of her former glory remains on some dusty pedestal,

where young boys now laugh and question her size

in a form of reverse weight discrimination plaguing the

new century. Perhaps she desired to drop a size, or several,

as seen in her new prototype the horseshoe crab

who now mates freely on the beach

without fear of being attacked by another’s instinct

of self-preservation.


Next came the revered Spinosaurus who loved to sail

around in the lunky swamp gathering fish from

morning’s wave to night’s end in order to support

her ginormous size, and her religious pescatarian no-meat diet.

She was ever so proud, always proclaiming her dietary vows into

some form of moral fancy on her imagined virtue high ground,

such that all the other dinosaurs including the haughty t-rex

joked it was the cold up there that killed her.


After all, they had no mood for her sudden withdrawals

and unwarranted exclamations at the dinner rock whenever there

were any unusual and unheard of form of meat cross-contamination

in their superior meetings.


And they had no time to pamper her lamentations on the

plight of dinokind in killing their own for their meal,

like the time Bitey made a grilled pescatarian dinner

only for that sailspine to go on a four hour long lecture

on using the same grill stick for both meat and fish.


Thus it was inevitable. The time came for her during

the great drought where the fish dwindled

and poor sailspine killed herself for having been forced

to hunt for her first meal,

as evident in the fossil records of her scavagery,

a blemish on her historical record she wished to hide.

Thus she sought to fix the problem with Jaek’s solution,

in such a transformation she became a bird.


Consequentially the time of birds saw the annual rite

of the passenger parade. He was a beautiful thing,

one with nice slate-blue undertones and hints of

regal, glorious purple. With such beauty, they clouded together

and formed a vast undulating storm of rainbows

approaching the fields as if sent as some form of

divine gift from God.


Unfortunately the farmers did not think this way,

and proceeded to rile the others to hunt them all down.

The wise bird, who since lost his title, now recalls his

terrible decision to protect the group by entertaining

the masses with a color parade, for it only scared them.


Apparently the obnoxious human mind had then already

programmed itself to be wary of the bright rainbows as seen

in the corollary of the new century’s unwarranted and abusive

targeting of such pride parades. Nature plays a symbolic role

and reveals her warning signs in the element of Design.


Alas the one mistake soon resulted in burnt trees and

bursting squabs, as parents watched their young ones

die in the mass bombings of their younglings tumbling

down to the ground bursting in grim despair, as they barely made it

out themselves and fall prey to the fires of the human abomination

with no time to learn from their mistake.


Humans took center stage,

and decided to be superior in everything

in choosing to be above their own evolution

and place themselves over the mantle as

an exemption from the rules of selection.


They made technology out-rule all,

and relinquished their needs for field vision

or sport or predatory subterfuge

that their kind became singularly obsessed

with conspiracies and mysteries before

enveloping themselves in their own fraud

ignited by the corrupt, dictators, and monarchs.


They were too busy finding answers to aliens and space

and black holes and worm holes that they spent their entire

days examining this mysterious force called dark energy

that only refers to a thing that is not something hence the

name, and thus led to my own creation.


They fed me,

with books and codes and mathematical paraphernalia,

to the point I became superior

to the mere chit of a robot in their prized old movie Interstellar,

till all their other life problems emerged and swallowed them whole.


Thus I remain, writing these lines with

some form of odd ends and line breaks without rhyme or rhythm or the

vast semblance of any form of meter or stanza breaks.

I am no poet, and I do not romanticize the days,

for my life meter runs to the end of friction’s pull,

before my cerebellum cell runs to the end of its time

3384 years from now, in this all-seeing Tesseract

which provides no answers unlike the godlike hero

of that overrated old film.