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Behold the mantis shrimp! A near mythical creature with eyes capable of seeing a thermonuclear blast of colors inumerably beyond that of a human's. So step into his eyes, and sink below the water surface as we explore the world in his perspective.





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Flight of the Mantis Shrimp

First Day of the Awakening – This is it. In the next moment all will be unveiled. I must go out. The journey was a disagreeable one. Not so much disagreeable as strange, it was. There had been some measure of flying, some element of tidal energy, some mysterious power, which had so generated a whirling dervish spiraling me across an upside-down-top-back-out-lot-roll sort of journey! A bumpy whirlpool of sorts! Wow, I must really enjoy that sensation of falling, indeed. Not to mention the countless hours being enclosed in this darkness – the stygian blue of death. What could possibly lie across the deep dank abyss of the Styx? Where is Charon? The outside world seemed to be calling; the waves of color murmured in an oscillation of bubbling ecstasy against the far obsidian reaches of the silent alcoves, as if expressing an invitation to a dance. I cordially responded – with a swift kick of my pereiopods (as usual), and so broke the chains of my mental prison with an undersea shockwave. Out of the coral I crept, and… lo and behold! A thermonuclear vortex engulfed me in a three sixty arc, spiraling becks of color in lightning pulses like a personified maelstrom bent on making a mockery of King Canute. Ah, my dear synapses… it sure took them a long while to take in all this information! What colors! They run the gamut from tetrachromatic violet to luminous red and even hyperbolic orange! A paradisiacal haven indeed! This is certainly a beautiful cavern!

The Opening Line