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Morning by Gabriel Lek


A morning person, he enjoys the calmness and tranquillity of a space

where the whole world remains asleep in their beds, the world

oblivious to the possibilities of a warm, gentle dawn as the first beams

of sunlight stream through the thick morning air. An ephemeral sight

to behold!


And so he sits on the cold, golden beach. The warming sun looming

across the horizon, a mystifying embrace occurs between the two. Oh

what secrets does the Mother of Nature have to unravel?


It was but only a fragment of time in the eternal ultra-history of man.

Yet the boundless possibilities of the union seemed to make it all

worth-while. An ethereal beauty! Certainly a beautiful riddle!


And alas, as the golden chariot flies further up, the brightness of the

now dazzling sun seems to channel his zestful spirit into an earthly

greeting... and soon disappears into obscurity among the clouds,

charging its natural powers to the sleepy-town. And thus he waves

back. An adversity to others, a beacon to another. The world wakes.


And such is the power of nature.


- Gabriel Lek