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Dr. Bruiny Whittington The sun-kissed grizzly
Brothers Even with supervision, the princely frog is merely pretending to read.
Queen Hippo Pompous and tyrannous
Kokie Mr. Korimco and his soft, beady eyes
The G8 Meeting Mr. Kokie Korimco, Dr. Bruiny Whittington, Sir Froggy Arthur Whittington, Dr. Tessie Whittington, Macaron, and Lady Flamy Korimco


PAWdale by Gabriel Lek


Once a boy met a prancing grizzly,

Energetic he was, like a lark he sings,

Jumping up and down, bouncing his large round head.

The boy treated him like his treasure,

Feeding milk to his beloved pleasure.


Then came a dark brown bear.

His beady eyes gazed languidly,

In a state of lost,

His football face had a triangular mark

Which made that patch on his forehead so



There were times he favored,

There were times he labored

To choose between the two.

Yet deep down he knew he loved them both


The frog was a real charming thing.

He stood erect, like a handsome prince,

As my sister would call him

Fool of zeal, he lazed around,

Frolicking under the sun


Now this grizzly and this prince,

Were brothers through and through.

They shared the same fir,

And were the most winning duo

To bring sunshine into the house


A bird flew in a graceful glide,

A flamingo, I see, who loved to

Beak those who roused her.

Her best friend walked down the street,

She patted her toes, she raised her hands,

And sang her merry tune.

Is she a cat or a bear? She’s only either

If I choose her to be.


Now these females were compatible to

The two bears, the dark brown furball

Juxtaposed to the pink bird,

The golden brown cat-bear with the grizzly,

And so I paired them

And then came this voracious monster,

That pink dinosaur, proclaiming her beauty,

Her queenship, her royalty,

An incarnation of all pomposity,

Symbolized in that ginormous mouth,

With two front teeth that made her look

Cute? She would ATTACK you with that

Threatening mouth.


Time passed with years gone

No, our softies were not vanquished,

They lived on, they grew,

With a new intellectual superiority that

Matched ours.

They knew economics, geography, politics, literature,

And all sorts of -ology.

Particularly that grizzly with the big head

Who earned 5 PhDs in the past year.


They found a way to supersede humans,

With all their knowledge of money

Printed. Their wealth accumulated and

We would sometimes joke that they

Burnt them for fire in the cold winters,

In the name of maintaining their inflation rates,

To prevent an inflationary spiral.


Their unlimited resources accelerated their growth.

They did research that no human could.

Extravagant were they,

Buying all sorts of odd paraphernalia,

That they required professional consumers

To consume enough before inflation rises.

We delighted at this experimental society,

To foresee and explore the cogwheels of

Human society.


Soon all sorts of inventions arose.

Devices humans could only dream of,

Devices that were possible to make but were

Banned for safety reasons, devices that operated on

Theory. Like witnessing light pass by in a counter direction

To see the past. Concepts that are still in development by NASA.


New theories came, when discoveries shook what

Humans once knew. New elements, gravitational tractors that

Pull space rocks, and Bruiny’s 5 Laws of Motion.

500th Century English was discovered by Kokie,

While the cat-bear Tessie mastered advanced calculus

And quantum theory


Their next G8 meeting came,

And they pondered the world’s problems,

Criticizing the human movers and shakers

Who chose to play politics than take action.

So they took it upon themselves to act,

And act they did, in a secret cabal,

That no human would notice.

For even if they did, all they saw was a

Ginormous pink mouth, before everything

Blacked out. And perhaps they could have

Sworn they spotted a brown grizzly.


Pawdale has opened a whole new world,

To shape my characters,

Or rather, for my characters to

Shape me.

An insight into the human soul

They provided, and gave me timeless joy as

I bantered my opinions with my sisters’,

All in the garrulous mode of storytelling.


Like a childhood dream,

It gave my imagination life.

But it was not a dream,

For it is an extension of us.

And like a ‘softie’, I am capable of creating

My own destiny, to craft

My own story.


- Gabriel Lek