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Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History 150th Anniversary

A collection of anecdotal stories and poetry for the Yale Peabody Museum's 150th Anniversary


Celebrating 150 Years of Exploration & Discovery

Dear Reader,

This collection of stories is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Yale Peabody of Natural History, and many of the stories here are inspired directly from the special 150th exhibition itself. In spending my days wondering around the museum, I found myself intrigued by the personal stories behind each of the pieces, like the dusty old astrolabe from 1537 and the persona of the Peabody ape Garguantua, alongside many other odds and ends of collections like fossils and bottles that tell the story of life in the cosmic world of evolution or the story of a generation. In the words of my supervisor Richard Kissel, these ‘scientifically whimsical’ stories are driven by my own feelings in what I see in an object. It is the history, the humor, and the anecdotal pleasures of excitement that add that most humane touch of realism in the finding of a new dinosaur bone, or the accidental discovery of a new species. And I hope I have captured some form of that consciousness, to bring these exhibited personas to life in a more spontaneous way.