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The Glide

The Glide by Gabriel Lek


Amid histories richly found,
Amid stories nicely bound,
Tempestuous chronicles have tried the chance,
To beguile man in joyful Mayfair trance.

Stars whispering, in their nebulousness,
To greatly weep at dim-sighted mischance.
The celestial bodies do cloud the skies,
To witness, to watch, to waver, to wink,
Across centuries of unyielding time.

The articulates of dissonant times,
Captious though they might likely dissemble,
Do symbolize something.
And doth not seers ponder, unthinking wit?

But across the dark distant skies askance,
Bears bide their curious paws in wide expanse,
Larks wait to pronounce the heavens perchance,
For man learns, and his graceful glide advance.

- Gabriel L.ek