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How does one compare apples and oranges? We can delve into the world of philosophy, the sciences, or the arts and still come to an unresolvable conclusion. So why don't we just let the fruits speak for themselves?

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The Opening Line

The Inimical Relationship Between Mr. Sunkist & Mr. Fuji

Mr. Sunkist gazed ferociously at his assailant, Mr. Fuji. It was times like this that so caused the desolation between them. Being of the ripe age, the sweetest of all ages, Mr. Sunkist was at the acute stage of mental development, that period of transition between the Freudian ego and the superego. With a little mobility, and perhaps a bat or a club, he might have knocked that pompous brat to the next vineyard. Now Mr. Fuji was no fruit of temperance – he scoffed in his affected ways, himself being an importation. A marked propensity to be peremptory was one, which sometimes irked Mr. Sunkist so much he struggled in the office of photosynthesis. One envious of the other, the pair bantered all day, at even the slightest encounter. What could it be this time? What could have so riled their round rotund rinds?